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Proudly Made In The USA


  • Replacement Cabinet Drawers
  • Pull Out Drawers For Bottom Cabinets
  • Pantry Storage Units - (Instant - Pantry)
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Has Father Time Been To Your House?

We Build and Install


replacing their worn-out cabinet drawers. We believe it's time to break free from the clutches of Father Time and seize the opportunity to enhance your living space. Don't endure the frustration of struggling with outdated and dysfunctional drawers any longer. Embrace the chance to rejuvenate your cabinets with our high-quality, stylish, and functional drawer solutions. With Cabinet Monster, you can bid farewell to the hassle and inefficiency of old drawers and welcome a new era of convenience and organization into your home. It's time to bite the bullet and experience the transformative power of new cabinet drawers.

At Cabinet Monster, we understand that people often wait far too long before

Replacement Cabinet Drawers

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  • Hand Crafted

  • Full Extension

  • One Step Above Other Drawers

  • Baltic Birch Real Wood

  • Precision German Made Screws 

  • Industry Best Adhesives

  • Best Undermount Glides

  • Quick Release Clips

  • Rated To Hold Up to 100 Pounds

We have been doing cabinet makeovers for many years. One of the most desired parts of the makeover process is to pay attention to the INSIDE.  Functionality IS super important.  Many times We go into a customer's home and are shocked at the miserable condition their drawers are in. 

If the house is older than 20 years it is quite possible that you have been putting up with slow gliding, stuck or misaligned drawers.  Sometimes the contents of the drawer can fall out onto the floor.

Most Drawers are made with cheap materials like...particle board...terrible stuff. They are NOT made of real wood.

Cabinet drawers from Cabinet Monster USA are made with wood and are high quality.  The Slides that are part of the product are heavy duty and provide a  FULL Extension feature. That means you can pull them out all the way without falling on the floor.

  • Boxes are real wood and won't fall apart

  • Glides are smooth and Soft Close with self-closing feature

  • Full Extension Feature

  • Rated for up to 100 pounds

cabinet monster usa no particle board.png

See More Information including Basic Pricing and Options Available

Pull Out Drawers For Bottom Cabinets 

Get rid of that Cabinet Monster hiding in your lower cupboards and FREE UP all that

                     DEAD SPACE

  • Boxes are real wood and won't fall apart

  • Glides are smooth and Soft Close with self-closing feature

  • Full Extension Feature

  • Rated for up to 100 pounds

  • Come in a Variety of Sizes

  • Undermount Slides - A Step Above

Pictured here is the DOUBLE CUBBY This is our most popular product.  We manufacture this product in our own facility so there is less mess when the product is installed. This makes for a quick and simplified install. The Double Cubby pictured here fits an 18 inch cabinet box.  This unit can be made smaller or much larger.

The frame is manufactured using real wood, Titebond adhesives and special Germán made screws.

Installation involves slipping the cubby into the cabinet and using a few screws to attach it.  Using a premanufactured unit ensures that the install is heavy duty , level, and flush. These units are pretested at the factory

Another thing...if you move...TAKE IT with you to your next house.  It is made to come right out if you want. Easy uninstall instructions are available.  Just a few screws.

monster 6 PNG.png

Watch the video below to see how the double cubby works after installation.

monster 3 PNG.png
Instant Kitchen Pantries 

Our Customers Love The ULTRA-CUBBY

A lot of our customers don't have enough storage in their houses.  Sometimes they don't have room for another cabinet in the kitchen but maybe have room in a hallway or corner.

We can do the following:

  • New Pantry Built Custom and Installed

  • Update Existing Pantry

  • Take wasted space or a closet and turn it into a pantry

Here we have the Ultra-Cubby, Instant Pantry. being built at the factory.  These typically come 24 inches deep and either 30 or 36 inches wide. This one has 2 adjustable shelves above and 4  drawers below

This Ultra Cubby has 2 four inch drawers and two 6 inch drawers. The cabinet is manufactured using 3/4 prefinished Birch plywood. A step above other cabinets.  The shelves won't bent ot break, they are heavy duty and faced with hardwood.

We manufacture these Ultra-Cubbies in our factory and then install them in your kitchen or wherever it makes sense.   Sometimes we can match the color of existing cabinets and install as if it was always there.  

You have your choice of colors and door styles.


These pics show where we added one to the end of the kitchen.  INSTANT PANTRY!

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